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Logan is currently off-Broadway at The Actors' Temple in a new production of The Importance of Being Earnest(ly) LGBTQ as Mr. Earnest/Jack Worthing.

"In Earnest, Wilde held himself back to fit the milieu. Cornelis wants to imagine Wilde freed from his time and goes beyond adaptation; Earnestly LGBTQ+ more than places the Victorian Earnest into the present, more than swaps paisley for Pride parades, opium dens for trap-houses, Victoria for Biden, and buttonholed green carnations for mesh tops and death drops. Instead, Earnestly LGBTQ+ imagines if Wilde, equal parts wit and iconoclast, wrote today — what would it be like? It asks, and it answers, fabulously."

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Actors' Temple

339 W 47th St,

New York, NY 10036

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Recently he was in Peter and the Starcatcher with the Sundog Theatre Company as the tenacious and single-mindedly devoted  Smee.

"Peter and the Starcatcher is the fantastical adventure about how Peter Pan came to be. On a ship bound for the island of Rundoon, three orphan boys befriend Molly, daughter of Starcatcher Lord Aster, who is on a secret mission for the Queen of England. Their precious cargo is starstuff, powerful magical dust that must not fall into the wrong hands. When the villainous Black Stache, Smee and his band of pirates attack the ship, one orphan finds his courage and a legend is born."

June 14th - 23rd


Stage One

631 Howard Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10301

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"What could play as an awkward after school special is presented with wit and understanding of the play's bigger message... Standouts include Hurd's Beethoven that brings out a tangible honesty of being that kid who just needs some peace."

-Broadway World


"Smee is a fun, although evil, pirate. Hurd’s Smee is right there with those two. McCain and Hurd's timing is delicious and reactions are pure perfection; it’s a joy to watch two excellent comedians play off each other so well."

Logan Hurd - Dog Sees God


"Dog Sees God at the Bug Theatre is an outstanding performance of one of the most tragically funny teenage dramas of the past decade. There is the touching and sensitive portrayal of Beethoven by Logan Hurd. We see the waves of emotion; the confusion, the pain and even the love repeatedly pass across Hurd’s face throughout his performance like the undulating notes of Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude."

-Crave Magazine


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